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About Us

Hardware products are used in almost every industrial, mechanical, or other comparable activity, and our company, Jay Hanuman Enterprise has been capable of meeting their increasing needs. We began our business operations in the year 2010 and have since dominated the market as a significant manufacturer, supplier, trader and exporter of a comprehensive assortment of hardware items. Our high-quality assortment includes Square Manhole Frame And Cover, Spur Gear Pinion, Steel Grates And Frames, Helical Gear Pinion and other items. Because our goods are utilized in so many different industries, we always ensure that they are of the highest quality and pass the strictest standards. Along with our high-quality product line, ethical business practices has helped us achieve great success throughout the years.

This Is Why You Should Choose Us

Certain main factors which portray why one should choose our company over others in the market, are as follows:
  • Environmental Sensitivity- Whether producing, supplying, or exporting, our company places emphasis on quality, trust, and experience. As a result, we have established ourselves as a prominent casting producer.
  • Professionalized Solution- Our cast iron manhole frames and covers are available in a range of sizes, shapes and cover styles. Even a unique logo lid for many cities or areas may be created by our pattern shop.
  • Satisfaction Guaranty- One is likely to walk across a manhole cover of our company if they gaze down while crossing the street in a neighbourhood or town. Our signature items may be found in communities all across the country in millions.
  • Accurate Testing- Our company, in addition to manufacturing, trades in a variety of engineering goods for railways, petroleum, construction, and other relevant industry verticals in a number of countries.

Mission & Value

The mission of our company is to deliver outstanding customer satisfaction through the following:

  • To achieve, maintain, and increase the quality of our product range which includes Spur Gear Pinion, Helical Gear Pinion, Square Manhole Frame And Cover, Steel Grates And Frames and many others.
  • To prioritize on continuous process technology advancement, increasing product portfolio, providing ongoing training to our employees, and promoting ethical business conduct.


The main vision of our company is to be the go-to source for all infrastructure access solutions globally.